Show Review: 478

I’ve seen Social Distortion two times. The first one was in Vitoria, in Azkena Festival 2005, it was a big concert but very short; I missed big songs like Ball and Chain, Bad Luck, Another State Of Mind… But this one in Barcelona has been incredible, the best concert I’ve ever seen (maybe with The Dictators one year ago), these are the reasons: First: a good selection of the set list (songs of all the records and the new songs are great; I hope "A Diamond In The Rough" will be too in the new album), -always I’ve thought that "I won’t run no more" was a great composition, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t in Sex, Love and Rock&Roll-. Maybe I missed "When She Begins", "Cold Feelings" or "I was Wrong", but I understand the band can’t be two hours on the stage with this energy. Second: the audience was