Show Review: 471

Great show, I got to hear all of my favorite songs. Come back fo another round… soon! Here’s the complete set list Tiia: Social Distortion, Pitkä kuuma kesä, Helsinki 27.6.2009 1. The Creeps 2. Another State of Mind 3. Mommy´s Little Monster 4. Sick Boy 5. Don´t Drag Me Down 6. Ring of Fire (cover) 7. Reach for the Sky 8. Highway 101 9. Won´t Run No More 10. Can´t Take It with You (new) 11. Bad Luck 12. Ball and Chain 13. Nickles and Dimes 14. Sometimes I Do —– 15. Alone and Forsaken (cover) 16. Prison Bound 17. Still Alive (new) 18. Story of My Life