Show Review: 470

Hi, I’m a french fan of Social Distortion, I’m a eighteen-years-old fan (please excuse my boring language). But, Social D are playing in Paris, now… Now! And I can’t see them!!! I have tickets, but train tickets are so expansive (I live in the northeast, and 230€ it’s too much for my budget). In ten days I take my exam during two weeks so I can’t move to Belgium, Germany or Switzerland. I cried all the week end. I think that this comment is commonplace, I say what all the fans say but… I hope to see you once. (the next year..???) PLEASE, come back again in France. I’ll be sure to see you. Mike, I dream to meet you. I have already seen you on stage… ): I feel sadness, tears on my cheeks fall down. I love you. <3