Show Review: 469

First of all, thanks for coming to Austria the first time. So the open air at Arena (best place in town) was nearly sold out (about 2800-3000 people) yesterday. It was an interesting mix of people there, from young punx, a lot of rockabillys to older punx of the first and second generation of Viennese punk rockers – meet a lot of people there I didn´t see for many years, really great. Mike and the crew did a good job, but it was a little harder to rock the house, than playing in a Pub or a club, and of course the Viennese people are usually a little reserved so it takes a lot of ambition to tease out ambition of the audience – but the longer Social distortion played the more the audience let their hair down, and Mike and the people sang their songs together. It was an good atmosphere, and people seems to be happy. SD played most songs of the "Greatest Hit" Album, and for my taste I missed more songs from "White Trash" and "Between heaven and hell" album, but on the other side time was to short, inspite they played about one and a half hour with about four songs additionally. Altogether it was worth to be there, had a lot of fun, meet a lot of people and won´t miss this gig. Thanks to Social distortion. gustl