Show Review: 468

what an awesome night in düsseldorf. around 5000 people hits the old venue philipshalle in düsseldorf, western germany. on a warm pre-summer day. the support band gaslight anthem was great. charming singer brian fallon made a fantastic job. This band is the future of rocknroll. at 10 pm mike ness and social d hit the stage with an energy i´ve never seen before by them. the first 30 minutes were awesome. Starting with some old-school-songs (the creeps, another state, mommys). Followed by highlight after highlight with a lot of sing-along-songs (sick boys, dont drag me, ring of fire, reach for, highway 101, ball & chain, bad luck) pooh what a beginning! the sound was great. the new drummer is incredible and made a fantistic job. mike seems in a very good shape, was joking and made a lot pronounces. he remarks he was glad to be back in his fatherland. i´ve seen many sd-concerts in the usa and in europe, but i think this was the best perfomance ever! it was a kind of a best of set with lots of highlights from start to finish (prison bound, story of my life). Set List (so far i can remember): – the creeps – another state of mind – mommy´s little monster – sick boy – don´t drag me down – ring of fire – reach for the sky – highway 101 – ball & chain – bad luck – i won´t run no more – nickles & dimes – a new one – sometimes i do encore: – alone & forsaken – ? – prison bound – still alive – story of my life Total run: about 80 minutes