Show Review: 458

What can I say, it is SOCIAL F***ING D. Always going to be a knock down, drag out, good old fashioned, no frills rock and roll show. The Fox is a great theater to see shows. The restoration turned out excellent. The only hiccup was when Charlie just about skipped the second song. Did the lead in for Reach for the Sky, should have been Bad Luck. No big deal. They haven’t played a show for quite a while, a little stage rust is to be expected. It is always great to see Mike and the boys play songs I haven’t heard them play, and I have seen just about every show in Nor Cal over the past 15 years. Bakersfield, Can’t Take it With You, I Won’t Run No More, BAD ASS!! The one song they have played in the past, but not at the Fox, Six More Miles is probably one of the best songs they do live. Any of you that have seen them play this will most surely agree. Social D will always be my favorite band to see live, EVER!!