Show Review: 458

Social D rocked the opening night at the new $75M Fox Theater in Oakland. The old school theater was incredible outside and in, with phenomenal acoustics to match. SD kicked off the set with "Don’t Drag Me Down" and moved straight into "Bad Luck". Even though Mike has been focusing on his solo material for the past year, the band sounded tight for SD’s set list. They mixed in old and new songs ("Bakersfield", "Far Behind") and rounded out the night with "Ring of Fire". The crowd was sold out with about 2500 die hard fans, alot of which made the trek from OC to see the show. Mike’s family was in tow as well in the mixing booth. It looked like Christine Ness was keeping a watchful eye over their oldest son (I didn’t see him sneak any beers the whole night). All in all, awesome show and hoping to see more SD shows in 2009 getting scheduled up.