Show Review: 457

I’ve been a fan of Social D long before this show but this is as far back as the site will let me go. I’ve seen this band in the smallest of shit-holes all the way to this one at Irvine Meadows, the biggest venue I believe they have headdlined. The only unfortunate part was that this was for Dennis Dannell (Rhythm Player for the band) who died suddenly from a brain aneurism. What impressed me the most was the huge outcome of other bands that gave their time to put on one hell of a kick ass show. The highlight of course was when Soc D took the stage. I can’t put into words properly how electrifying and energetic this band is and they give 110% everytime, all the time. I must have seen hundreds if not thousands of Social D shows and they always make the current one even better than the last. I’m proud to say that both my 15 and 16 yr old kids are fans too. Their music easily transcends generations. Even my late father was a fan and wore the tour shirt from the "Heaven and Hell" tour until his passing! To all of you who have not heard of Social Distortion and are thinking about seeing them, take it from me, this is the band you’ll kisc yourself in the ass for not seeing at least once in your life. All props to Mike Ness for his success and hard work in establishing this band as an American Icon.