Show Review: 350

This was my second Social Distortion show, i had won tix form kroq. I had waited @ a burbank del taco to get tix. then drive @ to kroq to get the tix. This show was way better than the first time i saw them in 2003. Social Distortion was supporting hteir new recod Sex, love, and rock and roll. Great album by the way. This was my first time @ the wiltern, my date and i missed the opening acts. They jammed right into teh new songs like reacht eh sky, footpruints on my ceiling, the one for dennis and joe strummer, my favorite since where teh angels sing. The mosh pit was stellar. I got all hott and sweaty kick it to S,D TUNES. They ended the set with story of my life and ball and chain. I will always love social distortion!! coem back out to l.a.