Show Review: 332

My wife and I drove from Omaha to Chicago to see this show. We parked our car at our hotel and took the train to the Congress Theatre. We had no idea what to expect when we came out of the station to walk to the Congress, it was amazing, the place was perfect for SD, in the bario with low riders bouncing, street hawkers selling bootleg merch, sort of like you were in a made up place shooting a vidio for SD. The Congress theatre is a theatre built when grand was grand but it was in severe decay but you could imagine what it was like in the day, the run down state of the place with its grandure added to the experience. The congress is big but not huge in an old part of a giant city, so it sold out fast to core fans. I have seen SD a number of times in a number of cities and states over the past 18 years but I have never seen a more dedicated crowd as at the Congress that night , it consisted of pin up girls and greasers. My wife and I were in the balcony and Sd played a massive set with the crowd singing every song note for note. I can remember the balcony bouncing up and down from the fans. My wife and I have been to many shows small and huge with many different types of music + we have seen SD many times throughout the years but this show was by far the best show we have ever seen it was rediculously amazing in all ways. Thanks Social Distortion!!!!!!