Show Review: 23

As stated, this show was a benefit concert for Mike Conley of M.I.A. This was simply, a show where the tingles in the back of your neck are working full time. The interaction with the artists and the crowd set the mood, which made me feel like I went back in time to a backyard party where all my friends bands playing. Except these artists were the lords of early U.S. punk. Among the legendary voices on hand were Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy’s and of course Social Distortion. Growing up in OC, I’ve been an SD fan from early adolescents and I’ve seen Ness and his bandits rock a countless amount of shows. I’m sure just about everyone viewing this site knows, that Social D hasn’t slowed down a beat since 1978. When they take the stage they bring the show. Though, let me vouch for the awesome performances of Kevin and Jello. The energy from both Kevin and Jello was outrageously beautiful. They played with a revolving band including members from M.I.A. They each belted out songs from their own respective bands. To hear Biafra and Seconds singing their songs of old was quite a nostalgic experience for me. It brought me back to the days of walking the Balboa pier with a boombox on my shoulder blasting their old tunes. Their performances were spot on and will always stick in my head. As if that wasn’t enough bang for the buck, when Social Distortion took the stage, Mike and Johnny were equipped with acoustic guitars and Brent had his stand-up by his side. The set was done in full acoustic fashion and was unbelievable. I’m fairly certain the only way the show could have been improved would have been if Joe Strummer resurrected and performed with the rest of them. Yup, that level greatness. And to think, I was just back in town for a few days and stumbled on to the show. By the way, Social Distortion really needs to record and release an acoustic album. It’s long overdue!