Show Review: 203

I think this was the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen Social D and every show is somehow better than the last. This show was no exception. Interesting to see kids at the show that were roughly the same age I was when I first started listening to them; made me realize how many different points in my life that I’ve listened to their music and identified with it. Puberty, high school, college, years spent wandering, marriage….the list goes on. Their "Somewhere between Heaven and Hell" cd was my first cd (back when they came in those cardboard sleeves), despite my parent’s disapproval. Following your mind/heart instead of what your parent’s or the jack off masses think is what life is all about. Social Distortion’s music and lyrics have always been a beacon of wisdom for me. Even if you’re not a fan, go to one of their shows. When you leave, you will be. COME BACK TO ORLANDO. Please.