Show Review: 174

This was an open air show in the east parking lot in front of the Beaumont Club, the stage faced North. For late October it was really nice outside and not too cool. I missed The Architects, entered the area during Placebo’s set. I wasn’t familiar with Placebo, but they sounded great. Walking up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the venue the sound was so great I mistook them for a CD playing, the sound was that good outdoors! She Wants Revenge took the stage and played their music well. Sound presence and clarity remained strong through each bands sets. Getting to the good part. I believe most of the crowd was drawn just to see Social Distortion. Judging by the crowd’s reaction and increased interaction and volume during SD’s performance. It’s been three years since I saw this show so I don’t recall the set list. I believe they entered the stage and immediately opened with a couple of songs from Sex Love and Rock’n’Roll. Just pummeling the crowd with the solid energetic sound that dominates that whole album. Mike took a short respite and began engaging the crowd. Describing the music of today as lacking soul. When comparing the first few SD opening songs with SWR entire set, which is what I did, well..action speaks louder than words. His summation just pointed out the obvious to most of us, and underlined that fact to anyone unfamiliar with SD. I wish I could have walked away with an entire recording of that show. I love live open air shows, and this one was fucking wonderful. The sound was just amazing for being outdoors, the weather was great, the crowd was laid back but into the show as well. Somewhere during the set Mike started strumming "Kansas City" written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 1952. It was an impromptu song, and was really a kickass surprise to hear. I keep hoping it will popup on youtube, or on a bootleg release somewhere. So far no dice. Overall it was an awesome show. I still am impressed with the sound quality and volume for being outdoors in an urban area parking lot. When you see Social Distortion live you really get to see legends, or a legend, currently. It’s no wonder, just how much influence the band and their music has had on so many, after seeing them live. Keep the shiny side up!