Odelay Kiddies

Once again we’re put into one of those unexpected, unexplainable situations that makes life seem like we’re running from a continuous wall of crap that’s right on your heels. We’ve had time to pick ourselves up, dust off the dirt and do what’s right. We keep looking forward and staying ahead in order to make A KICK ASS FLIPN’ SOCIAL D. RECORD! A record that makes every SxDx member, friend and fan proud as well as revert back to the first feeling that we had experiencing Social D.I think Mike sums the new record up, “So this record will be a departure from our others without losing our signature style. It has a real ’70’s feel and a real 2000 feel. It’s definitely a balance of the two.” I’m going to do what I have to do to fill my slot and continue the legacy of Social Distortion.I would like to personally thank and dedicate my efforts to every promoter, security guard, bartender, waitress, dancer, fan, friend and family member for the last fifteen years of shaping me and my memories of Social D. I would especially like to thank the person who shared all these memories with me, the man I loved and consider my brother – Dennis Eric Danell 1961-2000 John Maurer