Bassist John Maurer Exits Social Distortion Rancid bass player Matt Freeman comes aboard

After 20 years of serving as Social Distortion’s bass player John Maurer has decided to leave the band. Maurer completed the recording of “Sex, Love and Rock and Roll’, the new Social Distortion full length studio recording but has decided to forgo the usual extended promotion and touring in order to stay home and devote time to his wife and two children. “For the better part of twenty years I would finish making a record and then leave my home and family for long periods of time”, Maurer said. “It was a blast and I have great memories but the hiatus between records in the past six years has given me a chance to develop other interests at home and hang with my family. I just don’t want to leave.” Mike Ness commented, “I have known John since junior high. I respect what he is doing but we will sure miss him a lot.” Matt Freeman, one of the premier bass players in punk rock, has come aboard for this record cycle. “Rancid is always going to be my priority”, Matt said. “But Tim has the Transplants and Lars has the Bastards. I like to think I have a pretty cool side band now too.” Ness said the decision to call Freeman was only complicated by Matt’s well-known loyalty for Rancid. “We asked ourselves who the best guy out there was and it was Matt. We figured there was no way but it looks like Rancid is going to have just enough down time for us to keep Matt busy. These shows are going to be real special with him in the band.” Social Distortion’s new record, “Sex, Love and Rock and Roll’ is due in stores September 28th. The DVD documentary, “Live in OC” was released on July 27th. The band begins touring in August and plan to be on the road through 2005.