Show Review: 840

Another fine KickAss show from Mike and the boys. Sure, there was a curfew of 10:00pm for the last song to start, but it was a solid show throughout. The Cabooze crew did a fine job of, well, everything! Loved the set list! Long time since I heard "Cold Feelings" played in Mpls. Jonny, your playing is a perfect match/counterpoint to Mike’s guitar work, and Brent and David are a very tight "Groove Pocket" Good work done by all. 8th time I have seen SD play and like a lot of people my age (56) I got my ass kicked by the booze. 10/9/1983 was the last time I drank and it was at the Cabooze. So it was a bit nostalgic to hear SD sing about the troubles we have been through and it was at the last place I was in the "Troubles". Another excellent Show, but I still like the First Ave shows the best. Just more intimate. GOOD LUCK!