Show Review: 832

went to this show. was about the 20 something…th time going to a S.D. show band was good as always, expect nothing less……HOWEVER….. met the guys before the show. most of them. Two-Bags is a great guy and very talented. he always is a man and talks to his fans with respect. Ness on the other hand, came off like a stuck-up douche LaRue…i was told. by his handler, that Mike wouldnt come out of the building if i stood where i was. in a parking lot. by myself. totally alone. in a parking lot. that i paid to park in. we clear on the parking lot? she then said if i kept standing in the parking lot, i would be removed… see, the venue is his "home" and Mike doesnt wanna be bothered @ his "home" give me a fucking break Mike. the shows are always killer, but you lost a die-hard that day. i know you dont care about one guy..but it piles up. treat your fans with respect, THEY made you