Show Review: 823

Last time I saw Social D was at Warped Tour ’97 in Milwaukee. Although Ness is the only member remaining from that show, they sound just as great as I remember. I’ve read reviews of other shows praising the band for showcasing some of their lesser known songs. That’s exactly how I felt last night. The main set was a good mix of newer tunes, with lots of oldies thrown in there. There were quite a few tunes from "WLWHWT," which I thought was great. I don’t remember any cuts from "Mommy’s Little Monster," or "Prison Bound," but everything from Self-Titled and after was well represented. The encore also was great, and featured "Story of my Life," and "Ring of Fire," among other tunes. The crowd, which showed great enthusiasm throughout the show, nearly filled the Peel. I don’t think the show sold out, but it must have been pretty close. Ness also seemed appreciative of the crowd’s excitement. I hope that means we’ll be seeing Social Distortion here again soon.