Show Review: 808

I was pretty excited for this show because my dad got the tickets for me and him for Christmas. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to. We waited outside by 4:30, doors didn’t open until about 6. It was a great atmosphere. Red Devil Squadron were great. I didn’t even know they needed a place to stay ’til after we left the venue. My dad would’ve bought them a hotel room, but we wouldn’t have had enough money to eat the next day. But Red Devil Squadron did not disappoint, they put on one hell of a show. But when Social D came on, it was so amazing. I was like a little school girl when they opened with "So Far Away", then into "Bad Luck", then straight into "Still Alive". My favorite part was when they pulled out "The Creeps". (my all-time favorite Social Distortion song) I was singing every single verse. What really surprised me was when they played "Hour of Darkness". It was like a dream come true for me. But when Mitchell Townsend came on for "Far Side of Nowhere", that was pretty cool. But when they played the radio hit, "Ball & Chain", it was my most likely my dad’s favorite moment in his life. Hearing his favorite band play his favorite song. In his words, "…one of the greatest punk rock songs of all time." Eric Von Herzen was a great addition to a wonderful night. It was funny when Mike said, "Now, you youngsters, this is not real. I never cut up my old lady." It was something like that, but it was definitely funny. "Ring of Fire". Oh my God, the closing song. Everybody sang, the crowd even surpassed the band towards the end. You could hear it. Everyone. Otherwise, it was a fucking great show, could not have gone better. Thank you Social Distortion for your music and making me a better person. You are the man, Mike Ness. You stand up there along with Hank Williams and Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. See you soon enough, Mike, Jonny, Brent and David. Can’t forget Danny. Thanks once again.