Show Review: 808

My friend Brandon played ‘Ball & Chain’ for me one day after school when I was 14. From that moment on, I found the band that would be my greatest influence (through times good and bad). They spoke to me in a way that has yet to be replaced. I couldn’t even tell you how many shows I’ve been to over the years. Both here in Arizona (Tucson and Tempe) and when I was stationed in San Diego (I would take leave and drive up to Ventura and Hollywood for the show). I’m now 32, with two flesh trophies of my own. My oldest, Connor, has been asking me to play Mike “Nest” since he was first able to talk. (No worries, Mike…he knows your name now). He’s been to a few shows, including while he was still baking in the oven. (And got to actually meet Mike when we stumbled across him at Filiberto’s after a show in Tempe about 3 or 4 years ago). Now, his little brother, Johnny, got to finally see you guys in person. Long and short of it…I have never been disappointed and every show I’ve been to has always been just a little better than that last. The show on the 22nd was no exception. Just exceptional. And then the serendipitous happened… You called my boys on stage and they got to meet the legend behind the voice. I don’t know how old the youngest kid you’ve had on stage before was, but my 4 and 8 year olds had a moment that they will never forget. Nor will this ‘Proud Poppa’! An AMAZING show of the old and the new! The set line-up is always spot-on, playing to the crowd and firing them up all the way to the always anticipated encore! I’m sure I speak for the loyal masses when I say your music will live on for generations! LONG after you and I are gone, my boys (along with all of those you’ve influenced at such an early age) will pass along your story and let the music speak for itself. THESE are how legends are born! My boys are already asking me when we can go to another show. Rock on, Mike…the epitome of a legend. ~ Patrick (& Sons)