Show Review: 791

The year 1979 was the year the good lord gave me the best birthday present I could have ever gotten. Not only was I born, but the greatest punk n roll band hit the stage for the very first time! Mike Ness and the rest of the gang brought it every show I’ve been to for the last 15 years and tonight at The Vic wasn’t any different. Mike’s one of a kind vocs, jonny’s "crunch", Brent’s upright playing and backup vocs and jr’s solid beat created an atmosphere of "pure intensity’. People young and old, girls and boys, jumping and moshing to "Cold Feelings" with emotion generated to make you just want to strap your boot laces, pull your sleeves up and throw down right there, Then Bakersfield plays next and you find yourself bopping your head back and forth, with a sense of unity with these same cats that you’ve been bumping elbows with. No fancy pyrotecs, jumbo screens, girly face paint needed at Social Distortion gigs. You get what you pay for. Mike speaks to all of us and for all of us through his heart-pounding fist clenching music, to his bluesy rhythms, and hard-pressed ballads. Social Distortion has spanned over three decades for very good reason. You’ve payed your "dues" Mike, "Thankyou" for keeping it your way, your style, your rules for so long. Not an easy thing to do in your line of work. You still bring passion after all these years. The rest of the band with their dedication and intensity just blew us away last night. Life is built upon "memories". Thanks Social Distortion for giving, and I speak, hopefully, for the whole crowd of Chicago, memories we will never forget. Long live Social D!