Show Review: 786

Last Saturday night was a very good show at Bogart’s in Clifton. Mike made a funny remark about people being at the show rather than the "polecat game or Bearcat game or some shit." The band has been playing Bogart’s for a long time, too. I got to hear most of my favorites, including the honky-tonkish version of "Ball and Chain," "Sweet and Low Down," "Bad Luck," and "Ring of Fire." I liked the newer songs so much that I bought HARD TIMES-NURSERY RHYMES cd. I was wondering when the crew stopped putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on Mike’s mic stand? I teach junior-high language arts; it’s a highlight of my school year when I play Mike’s version of "Long Black Veil" during narrative poetry as a perfect modern ballad and various songs of Social D’s while reading THE OUTSIDERS novel, especially "Prison Bound." Everybody sounded great. and it was a blast last Saturday! Looking forward to the new record being recorded "in a timely manner" as Mike quipped.