Show Review: 780

Night # 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada was my 30-35th Social Distortion show. I’ve lost count at this point, but I’ll never forget the experience had at each show. This is, however; the first review I’ve written for any concert that I’ve attended. While, I don’t think I can quite depict the level of emotion and happiness that comes out of each show (as everyone has their own perspective), I am positive that anyone that has seen Social Distortion live can relate. Living in Southern California, the drive to Vegas is only about 4-5 hours, possibly more, depending on traffic. I had time off from work to attend this show with a couple of friends; both of whom, had never seen Social Distortion live, so we were all in for a treat. We left earlier in the day on the 20th and made it there at about 6:00PM, just before doors. I ran into Brent and Danny at some point before the show and thanked them and wished them well for the upcoming show. Shortly after, my friends and I made our way into the venue to our table right behind John and Dave (working lights and sound). We were in a stellar position for sound and overall view of the stage. Couldn’t have asked for a better spot, especially for my friends who had a lot to take in for their first Social Distortion concert. The opening duo, Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss, were perfect to get the mood going. I was already familiar with Zander, but Sean was new to me. Both were extremely talented artists and look forward to hearing more of them in the future. Vegas’ House of Blues did not have curtains to hide the stage during tear down and sound check, so while there was anticipation to see the band, it lacked the suspense that my usual location in Sunset has. Nothing negative, just a different experience. The lights soon came on and the band took to the stage. The Vegas crowd definitely competes quite well with the Sunset and Anaheim crowd, that’s for sure. Mike grabbed his guitar and the band kicked off with “So Far Away.” Crowd went crazy and a pit began, bodies flying in the air and tumbling around crowds of raised fists and cups full of cheap beer (by taste, not cost). Things picked up ever more pace when “Story Of My Life” began. The crowd sang all even louder this time around. The crowd was relentless and never lost energy in the hour and forty-five minutes, or so, that the band played. Again, I’d be here for hours describing every detail that took place during this show; point is, go see Social Distortion. The music, the lighting, the overall professionalism with the crew and for a piece of So Cal punk history. Rest of The Set List: Don’t Take Me For Granted Highway 101 Machine Gun Blues Cold Feelings Sick Boy Far Side of Nowhere (with Mitch Townsend on guitar) Telling Them Sweet and Lowdown Far Behind California Drug Train Black Magic Don’t Drag Me Down Folsom Prison Blues Ring Of Fire If anyone enjoyed this review, I will consider writing more and spending much more time into writing them. Thanks.