Show Review: 770

Originally from NJ, have been seeing your shows for over 20+ years. Am betting my 17 year old daughter was the youngest and close to most dedicated fan of yours last night! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, access granted! My brother-in-law sent us tickets from NJ, he planned on being at the show, but too much Sandy damage to make it. So, we’re planning for your next show. Met a lot of people who drove from all over Florida to be there last night. As always you rocked it, giving my daughter something to believe in which neither of us take for granted. Life lessons that you guys reinforce by being out there doing your shows, making meaningful music. Thanks for keeping me going! To quote my daughter as you walked out last night "That man has class." You made her rolling out bed this morning for high school classes easier by being well fed with Social D sounds.