Show Review: 766

first off, i was glad it was an all ages show so that i could bring my eleven yr old son. i have been a fan for a long time but this was the first time that i have been able to see them live. my boy is a casual fan but when you are that young and dont have a local radio station that supports bands like social d. it is easier to keep up with the new music and the new bands. we played the odds that since it was friday night most people would be going home or out to eat before the show and it would be ok to show up when the doors opened at 7. we won that bet. there were maybe fifty people in the fillmore when we strolled in at 7 and we were able to get a spot at the barricade right in front of the amps to our left side of the stage. didnt know it at the time but it would end up being the best spot in the house. after about an hour wait the biters came on and they were really good. straight forward guitar driven garage rock. but they were tight and polished. after another wait to change the sets we had lindi ortega, kinda country rock blues with a voice that at times reminded me of shania twain. her guitar player is very good and sounds like two guitar players for a lot of the show. i thought i was gonna have to buy her cd when my kid heard her say that if he bought her cd she would throw in a free hug! another wait and another set change. finally the lights dimmed and the crowd got ready to explode. the band got set and mike strolled out like a rock and roll gangster in a black overcoat and fedora. after addressing the audience and trading out the fedora for his "machine gun" he strolled over to the amps and got a healthy dose of feedback before launching headfirst into "so far away". the band was very tight and the crowd was primed. they played a good mix of the old and new and some obscure tracks. I had never heard "black magic" or "company c" before. they also did a great version of "bakersfield" where mike lamented over having to travel to myrtle beach the next night. they finished the night with an extended version of "ring of fire". i said before that we had the best spot in the whole place. thats because eveytime mike came to the left side of the stage he was right in front of us, and when he stepped out on the amps i could have reached up and strummed his guitar for him! Highlight of the night: during the guitar solo on ring of fire he came out on the amps in front of us and when my son put his hand up mike gave him a fist bump and his pick. he was the only one in the show to even get a fist bump. and if that wasnt enough after the show the drummer came down and handed him a stick. now my kid has been wanting a guitar and i have been avoiding getting him one because he didnt want to take lessons. on the ride home he said he changed his mind. and it was mike ness this and mike ness that all the way home. i think he’s hooked!