Show Review: 761

My first Social D show and I was blown away! I’m a long time concert goer and spent 15 years in San Diego, passing on many opportunities to see SD (I have no idea why), making this all the more eye opening. I pushed my way up front, on the cusp of the pit with three other friends, and we were so enthralled with the energy of the band, the dynamic sound and the overall positive vibe of a large group of people basically pushing each other around for two hours. The band was so tight and Mike Ness is a true performer, exuding the enjoyment of playing in front of thousands of fans, some new fans like myself. I found myself just staring at the stage, engulfed in my own little world, thinking that this is exactly what you want from a concert. Thanks to all the gracious concert goers, helping make my first SD show so memorable. I loved Machine Gun Blues and Bakersfield, and all the rest. Can’t wait to see them again, will travel far from home to make it happen. Cheers!