Show Review: 761

Great show, really happy it wasn’t cancelled. Only show I can remember in the last 20 years that didn’t include Story of My Life and Mommy’s Little Monster. Dont think anything from Sex Lies album was played. A lot of stuff they usually dont do was played, which if you’re a real fan was awesome. Opening with I Was Wrong was cool. The other songs played in chronological order by issue were: 1945, Ball and Chain, Sick Boys, So Far Away, Ring of Fire, Bad Luck, Cold Feelings, Far Behind, Dear Lover, Don’t Drag Me Down, Machine Gun Blues, Bakersfield, Sweet Low Down. Also some really obscure songs I never heard of were played for the encore: Black Magic (outake from the White Trash album) and Company C (never released song from like 1984 about Vietnam vet). I appreciated the trying something fresh. Best songs were a great full electric extended version Ball and Chain. Cold Feelings, Dear Lover and Far Behind rocked the harderst. You guys keep playing and Ill keep coming to the shows.