Show Review: 756

10/16/12- As always, the venue was jammed packed. The venue was full of Social Distortion fans, even though most of us had to work in the morning, the Royal Oak Music Theater showed no mercy. The Biters opened, following Lindi Ortega who immediately stole hearts. Lindi sounded like a new age Loretta Lynn with an electric twist and explosive pipes! I’ll definitely buy her music. Mike Ness came out in his usual get-up… Starch pressed, white collared, button up shirt… Black suspenders & pants with fancy white shoes. His hair slicked back and of course… That Orange County guitar. The Show was unforgettable, One of the best. I look forward to hearing the new album as they teased us with a single that I believe was denied by the record company in 1994, called "Black Magic." Once again…. Thanks for tickling our fancies! We love Social D!!