Show Review: 755

First, I’d Marry Lindi Ortega.. DANG… You had me at Folsom. The best SXDX setlist I’ve heard in a long time! Without a bad seat in the house. Unfortunatley, the acoustics weren’t the greatest. It seemed like no matter where we ventured off to, you could hear Mike when he was talking and the first half of the show ther was a feedback that was occuring, that wasn’t normal. Last nights Social D setlist was VERY old school.. The best set list I’ve seen or heard! 1. I was wrong 2. Bad Luck 3. Machine Gun Blues 4. Sick Boy 5. Telling Them 6. Cold Feelings 7. Bakersfield 8. Sweet and Low Down 9. Story of my Life 10. Sometimes I Do 11. Dear Lover 12. Company C (A very RARE song that he hasn’t played in years and dedicated to the troops 13. Far Behind 14. Reach for the sky 15. Let the juke box keep on playing 16. Don’t Drag me Down 17. Ring of Fire! A lot of people not feeling the Energy last night….I can’t help but think that a good portion of people there thought they were coming to see everything off of the SLRR and Hard Times album, and I am happy SXDX Didn’t! One last thing!!! Being a Service Member, I can’t help but be very grateful when people recognize the troops. Thanks for that dedication Mike, it was awesome. Now back to Lindi Ortega….hmmmm