Show Review: 752

The greatest band in the world was in our country. This time with dave hause and Royal Republic as show openers. Dave Hause gave a great show and meeting him in person after the show was real nice. He was playing without a band so just himself. He gave a great show and he was mad proud of playin live on the guitar of Mr. 2 Bags. Bought his cd after the show. and got it signed. Then there was Royal Republic, my mom always said to me when I was a little boy, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. so i will leave it at that. Then there was SOCIAL DISTORTION, they gave a really good show. I think the setlist was: I Was Wrong, So Far Away, Bad Luck, Machine Gun Blues, Sick Boy, Telling Them, Cold Feelings, Bakersfield, Give Me The Sweet and Lowdown, Story of My Life, Sometimes I Do. Toegift:Dear Lover, Reach for the Sky, Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing, Far Behind, Folsom Prison Blues, Ready for Love, Ring of Fire. So there where a couple of oldies that everyone loved and there where a couple of more rare songs. I think it was just perfect. Thanks for another great show.