Show Review: 748

It’s been a long time since I seen Social Distortion live. Saw them half a dozen times in my younger years.. like 1990 – 1994 when I lived in Detroit. The funny thing is, I grew up in Orange County too! I’ve been living in Northern Ireland for the last 12 years and have been waiting for them to come up here! About f**king time! So it was worth the trip to Dublin to see them again. There seemed to be a lot of dedicated fans there and they nearly all new the lyrics as well as me. ;) I thought the crowd was mellow compared to my slam dancing days. Mike Ness has still got it, now that I’m older his lyrics mean even more to me. I can relate now more than I did when I was 20. You’re all still hot! Glad to be a part of your journey. Thanks guys. Vicki X (one of your biggest fans) When you coming to Belfast???