Show Review: 736

Sickboy and sickgirl dressed up on a saturday – day! Drove out from El Lay with my girl on highway 101 to watch the only band that has really mattered to me (and her). Wished the whole time I was on my chopper but the ole lady isn’t too fond of my two-wheeled death machine. Arrived to find a nice group of central-Cali folks who were as curious about the two Mexican-Americans from El Lay as we were about them. Parking lot cocktails and new friends is always the best way to start a Social D show. Strolled in to find new friends in front of the stage. Saw the Toadies and Lindi and waited to catch up with the boys. Soon enough, it was Mike leading the way on vocals, 2bags covering left, brent holding down on the right, and hidalgo riding tailgunner bringing up the rear. Felt like a family reunion 200+ miles from home. Set was great as usual, coulda sworn mike recognized me, and it was over way before I would have liked. Said my goodbyes and hit the road still wondering how 1.5 hours could have passed so fast. Saw Social D 6 times between 2011 and 2012 and wish you guys were still in town. My favorite band playing in my home state always feels good. I may try to fly back east to catch another show, so long as Homeland Security and Johnny Law are none the wiser…but come to think of it, this wouldn’t be the first time getting to a Social D meant police involvement for me! Best of luck on the tour, keep up the tunes, and Vaya Con Dios boys. We’ll hold down SoCal until you get back.