Show Review: 71

Social D. has been my favorite band for a very very long time. I have seen them many times in concert. The show in greensburg was my alltime favorite. Not because the band was any better than any other time I have seen them. They were actually very formulaic. The last few times I have seen them they have done pretty much the same exact setlist with only 2 or 3 songs different. Open with ‘Road dogs/Reach for the sky’ follow with ‘Highway 101’ and ‘Under my thumb.’, and so on and so forth. The reason this show really stands out for me is that my four year old son, who loves Social D. even more than I do, got to go on stage with the band. We had seats in about the 5th row. I was holding my son in my arms and he was singing along to every song. Mike Ness even pointed to him a few times and said "keep singing junior." Mike Ness started to introduce a song and then stopped and pointed at my son and said to bring some kids to the stage. I of course sprinted to the front and my son got to go on stage with the greatest band ever. I have attached a pic of my son with Mike Ness. My son even got a pick from Mike Ness. Like I said it wasnt the greatest show I have ever seen Social D. give, but it will always always be my favorite show ever.