Show Review: 703

Professor Ness Takes the Stage Tempe, AZ The second show of a two night stand in the Valley of the Sun, was a history lesson in progression of Social Distortion. Dr. Ness’ lesson plan included the high-water marks of "I Was Wrong" and "Sick Boy" and an insightful look into the racism behind "Don’t Drag me Down". Assembled students were well prepared for class, sporting garb from punk pioneers such as Black Flag and The Ramones. Even hometown punk heroes JFA were represented along with hardcore acts like the 7 Seconds and Minor Threat. The band strung together a set list which highlighted the rock-a-billy influence, layered over classic punk head banging riffs which fans have grown to love. Ness shared his personal history in a rousing Rolling Stones cover and paid tribute to American legend Carl Perkins. The lesson concluded with the hair raising signature Johnny Cash send off "Ring of Fire". Professor Ness and his able staff did justice to the musical journey which has brought us to today. Quote of the night: "Without great Black music, there wouldn’t be any great white music" Class Dismissed and Distorted.