Show Review: 703

There were some rare numbers in the set list tonight including "Untitled" from White Light, White Heat, White Trash and "Drug Train," from the self titled album. "Sometimes I Do," from Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell and Mike Ness’s cover of "Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing" were all songs that I have not heard performed live in quite awhile. The tempo in "Drug Train" was slowed down just a bit from the album version and the chugging rhyhmic blues progression filled the room with a dangerous sound accented by Mike Ness’s tasty lead guitar. To me, the sign of musical ability is when you can take a well established progression and make it your own – "Drug Train" is a great example of this. Even a rare Stones song, "This Could Be the Last Time" made the show. Adding in some the mainstays, ("Story of My Life," "I Was Wrong," and "Ring of Fire,") it was a terrific show.