Show Review: 70

This has to go down as one of my favorite Social D shows, mostly because it was my birthday. The Hangmen were terrific as usual and they even wished me a happy birthday and dedicated "Desperation Town" to me. By the time Social D came out, everything went by so fast that I can barely remember any particular moment that was great because a truly great show is a sonic blur. I had seen them play "When She Begins" in Green Bay and Sioux Falls, but sadly they didn’t play it. As usual they were tight, and the place was beyond packed. I later found out the Social D’s manager Craig shared my birthday (which was clearly listed on my setlist) and I went home on cloud 9. Social D is the ultimate. No band comes close to them on a good night. Here’s the setlist: Road Zombie, Reach For the Sky, Highway 101, Under My Thumb, Bad Luck, Mommy’s Little Monster, Lude Boy, Sick Boy, Far Behind, Ball & Chain, Six More Miles, Gotta Know the Rules, Sometimes I Do, That Blues Thang, Nickels & Dimes / Prison Bound, Ring of Fire.