Show Review: 70

If you are reading this, then you have been to see Social D. A Social D show isnt just the music, its the whole package. Mike and the boys were as good as ever, but the crowd was subdued. A fellow tried to start some action, and was told by a tatted, pierced, and chained dude to hold it down. GO figure. Anyways, the RH Tavern is open, clean, and upscale. Stick to Sonar or the 9:30 Club in DC. I would love to upload some photos but the security at the Tavern prevented anyone from taking photos. Social D played a few songs they hadnt done in previous appearances in the area, like Cold Feelings and Bad Luck. I may have thought the crowd was lacking, but the band’s set was the best of the 6 times I have seen them. although I would have like to have heard Untitled and I Was Wrong. The cover of Under My Thumb was especially rocking as is the encore of Ring of Fire.