Show Review: 673

Social D has been my fave band for 20 + years now. Their albums and shows never disappoint. I saw them last year on their Fall 2010 tour in Toronto, Canada, and the show was amazing. Opening acts were Frank Turner and Lucero. Both were great opening acts. My wife and I drove almost 4 hours to see them in Grand Rapids this year. Opening acts were amazing too. Suedehead and Chuck Ragan. I was 13 in 1990 and got the "self titled" CD as a Secret Santa gift, which was cool because i was just getting into bands like the Ramones, the Misfits, the Clash etc. "So Far Away" blew me away and the rest is history! Social D instantly became "My Band". To make a long story short, every show i have been to of Social D has been a 10+. Keep rockin’ Ness and the boys. I can’t wait until you are in the area again and look forward to more recordings. Thanks guys.