Show Review: 672

Well after a lot of years Toledo Ohio finally got a visit from Social Distortion. I personally have been into the band from the beginning, at 46 years old. I have seen them a couple of times but this was a nice sized venue at the Omni in Toledo. I thought the opening acts Suedehead and Chuck Ragan did a great job of amping the crowd up and plugging the headliners Social D. The sound was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect honestly, lighting I felt was good and the venue was laid out so you could see and hear well just about anywhere in the place. The set list did a great job of mixing classic SD live staples with new material from "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes" kicking off the show with the new "Road Zombie" to show that Ness and company came to Toledo to play with all the energy SD fans have come to expect. I liked Mike’s choice of black on black stage clothing with red suspenders. Johnny was granite solid in his playing as always! His beanie and work shirt combo a solid choice for blue collar fans in Toledo. Brent and David held the bottom lock solid for the epic Social Distortion wall of sound. I thought Mike’s playing was still as fresh and clean as I have seen in the past. The crowd was ready to have a great time and everyone around me did. I was in the pit, back against the bar, wherever I went folks were rocking to Social Distortion, Mike Ness started this band at about 17 if memory serves me correctly sound about right Mike? Mike would be proud to know that at least two fathers I talked to were taking their sons (about 14 or 15 years old) to their first concert and they picked Social Distortion! Awesome choice in my opinion great music with a veteran edge to it with a band that likes to play close to their fans. I know the one boy didn’t leave disappointed because after we sent him up to the stage over the hands of the crowd he came back to his Dad and said "Awesome!" in a way only a teenage boy having the time of his life can. In a day and age when ticket prices are up and stars ride in limos over looking their fans, it was great to see a teenage boy feel the way I remember feeling the first time I saw Social Distortion at 19 or so. Mike and all of Social Distortion thanks for bringing back a little of my inner teenager! To get to see you play a great show in my hometown was beyond awesome please come back when you can I am and always will be a "Sick Boy" and life time Social Distortion fan. Greg Thomas Toledo, Ohio