Show Review: 672

Wow, what can I say. I drove down from Detroit to see the show as I saw it here last year and was blown away. This show certainly did not fall short. The opening acts were phenomenal and I will be keeping my eyes on them for sure. Enter, Social Distortion. I planted myself in front of Mike and held on to that rail for dear life and I fought all night to keep that spot. There were some technical issues which visibly frustrated Mike, however, they were eventually resolved. This coupled with an over abundance of so called fans acting disrespectful with heckling and throwing ice on stage, just proves how amazing a show it was as the band rose above and in my opinion, were flawless. For Mike, I thank you so much for handing me your guitar pick, you know, not that guys, yours. That meant alot to me and it is already framed. Until next time.. Kudos.