Show Review: 660

Seeing you guys at a venue the size of Gwinnett Arena was a long time coming! I’m 36 and have been a fan and supporter of Social Distortion since the early days. I am more a fan of SD than Foo Fighters but, the whole evening was incredible. Would have LOVED for you guys to have played 3 hours as well. Actually, I would have loved to see you guys headline a show in a venue that size. I have to admit, it felt strange not being in a more intimate setting where fans could be right there up close to you. It was also very strange that the people in seats were sitting. Obviously NOT your typical Social Distortion crowd. I think I was the only one standing in the seats way out in section 122. Please come back to Atlanta SOON and play longer!! Tabernacle is a cool building but the sound is better at Center Stage. The new album kicks ass as always!!