Show Review: 651

I hadn’t seen Social Distortion since 1997. I’m from Orange County but I live in Norway now. I tell you, they were amazing fourteen years later! My two friends who joined me, one norwegian, the other english, went home that night and bought all of their albums online. S.D made two new fans that night. Sentrum Scene was the venue. It’s small, about 2000 capacity. You can get really close too. Acoustics were great, as was the backdrop and lighting. A lot of new material was different than the older stuff I prefer, but it was still amazing. Great live voice. Not often I say that. Not sure if the band will read this, but thank you so much for one of the best nights of my life. Being from Orange County, not often hear my local music up in the arctic! I look forward to seeing you this summer in Stockholm. I will even try my hardest to make it to Hamburg. Please try to play I Was Wrong. -Patrick