Show Review: 64

This show left a real impression on me. I’ll never forget this kid in a wheel chair who was spinning around the club all night. He was laying back until Mike and the boys took the stage. You could see the energy and enthusiasm this guy had for Social D, he was rockin’ right alongside everyone else in the club. A few songs in and the place is really coming alive. We moved to the edge of the pit as the first few chords of "Ball and Chain" were strummed. The kid in the chair motions to my friend and I to give him a lift-up. I’m thinking he wants to stand up and see the band; he tells me he wants to ‘surf the crowd.’ We lift him out of the chair and onto the top of the crowd. He is carried away in the mayhem, never once showing any concern that he might be dropped – just pumpin’ his fist and rockin’ out the entire ride. We put his chair up on top of the crowd, it surfs right behind him. He passes to the right of the stage, then is set down and helped back into his chair which was close behind. Mike Ness acknowledges the guy after the song and the place erupted. Incredible.