Show Review: 639

Social D in this same building was my little sister’s very first show; I brought her when she was 14, she turns 30 this year and there we were again. That’s what it’s all about with this band and Mike Ness knows it. That dude is so damn good at being a rock star. He knows his audience and how to talk to them. I’ve seen this band more times than I can easily figure and this was one of the best, I gotta say. I don’t remember the last time I saw them play so hot! Mike was clearly having a blast and that infected the band and the crowd. Great song choices, too. Bringing out Chuck Ragan’s fiddle player for a couple was awesome – those songs (don’t wanna say which for anyone who’s gonna catch a later show) took on a whole new dimension, the same way Prison Bound did a few years back when they started doing the first verse with just piano. This night reminded me of why I loved Social D growing up. Fucking righteous.