Show Review: 634

My husband and I attended the show at Bogarts. It was my anniversary gift to him. He is such an avid fan of the band and Mike Ness. He took his personal guitar (white) to ask the band to sign it. He has collected many signatures on this guitar over the years of the bands he loves. This is his PERSONAL guitar – he is a musician. He asked the band to sign it and they refused. Finally someone reluctantly took the guitar back to the band and brought it back out signed in big BLUE marker, all other signatures have been in black sharpie, it was messy and stuck out like a sore thumb. It was not so much the color that was used. My husband was speechless when the guy handed my husband the guitar and sarcastically made a smart remark "Here this should go for a lot on EBAY". What an insult. We spend $80.00 for the show, more for tee shirts and buttons. Both of us took off work to go, hired a babysitter. Is it so hard to believe that a fan is a collector? Let me tell you, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger were both gentlemen, as was Brian Setzer, the Hillbilly Hellcats and Rev. Horton Heat. All were happy to accomodate my husband and shake his hand. The band was very good, excellent, but this really dampened my husbands spirits.