Show Review: 629

Nothing short of amazing. Sharks and Chuck Ragan both put on awesome sets and were super nice people to meet. Social D came out to a surprising choice of intro music (I believe it was tupac’s california). Then once they hit the opening chords it was a non stop assault that just blew the roof off the historic Cain’s Ballroom. They played awe inspiring alternate versions of Prison Bound and Cold Feelings. My wife and I brought our 5 year old son (it was his first show ever). The hour plus long set had never a moment that would even think of being dull. They proved that there’s a reason they have been doing this for 30 plus years and are still going strong. If money weren’t an issue, could very easliy follow them the enitre tour and not a moment would grow old. Thanx to them for coming back to Oklahoma, please don’t wait another 5 years before coming again. From a family of devout Social D fans to the guys and all their families, thank you for yet another momentous occasion. GOD BLESS SOCIAL DISTORTION!!