Show Review: 627

Amazing is all I can say! Last night in New Mexico marks my 30th SD show and my lovely wife’s 15th in just the three years we’ve been married. Hell last nights show was our 10th in 7 months. We have flown to Seattle, Salt Lake, Denver, Tucson and now Albuquerque. in my 43 years on this GREAT plant I have more show then I can even remember, but hands down, Mike, Jonny, Brent and what ever drummer you have at the time, you guys always bring it!!! Weather its a small acoustic show in a bar that only hold something like a hundred people, or a venue that holdes way more then that. Always AWESOME!!! You guys are true punk and that was proven past week in Hollywood at your short movie primer. I was able to get tickets to the once in a lifetime show and flew down that afternoon and just made it in time. very kick ass!!! Well I could go on and on about every show, but all I want to say is thank you for all the years of great shows and life changing music. Come back to the Cat Box soon, Rod