Show Review: 618

my boyfriend & me. 2days of from work. a trip of 1056 km. all to see for the first time social distortion headliner [& not in a festival…] after a little bit of shock for the location [a theather!] & the people ’round us [families, rockabilly couple… the usually punk guys like us were so few…] we finally enter! as we wish we gain the places on the first row, right under the stage. frank turner star & he’s a pleasent & great surprise. & then SxDx on stage… oh my gosh, the classical songs [BALL & CHAIN,the best, REACH 4 THE SKY, i’ve also it tattoed on my arm, PRISON BOUND…], the new songs [MACHINE GUN BLUES, CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU…] & the never heard live [DEAR LOVER above all, DOWN HERE WITH THE REST OF US, 6 MORE MILES…] but after one hour & half all was ended… sigh… it was so perfect: the set list, the acoustic, & Mike all in black was so hot [ok this is a girlie comment…] only two big regrets: no photos or video was allowed & this is really a bad things ’cause all was so cool… & we hadn’t the chance to meet Mike [I really hope so…] it will be 4 the next show … see ya soon guys! Tanya