Show Review: 615

I’ve seen Social Distortion since the late 80s, often picking my vacation locations to allow me to see them when they are in Las Vegas or San Diego. This was probably my twentieth time seeing them. Michael Ness and the band have never sounded better. Not commercial; just kick ass great. Their band appeals to the grown up punker in his late 40’s all the way down to the 16 year old kid of today. Mike and his band are for real; not getting rich off of rock and roll glory; but making a statement. I’m almost of the belief that his music is bordering on spiritual these days, as he speaks of pain, failing, rejection, and now acceptance and redemption. His guitar playing has never sounded better. I swear the band gets better every year. Mommies Little Monster has all the anger and fury it had back in the early 80’s; yet the band has matured and grown up over the years. I’m a retired army officer, with a hidden punk streak going way back. Now I’m a Seattle Firefighter. Many would say those with my work history are heroes. In my mind, Michael Ness is a hero, for all the lives he has touched and changed. I’ve met many supposed great men; Generals, President Reagan, etc. Of all those I’d trade an opportunity to talk to Michael Ness. He has become my inspiration to again start playing guitar. Michael Ness is clearly my favorite musician, his band my all-time favorite group. I can relate to many of his songs. I’ve grown up with him, struggled through many life challenges very similar to his. I hope he lives long and continues to bless us all. He and his band truly have taken on the term "iconic". They define a sound, and continue to remain both contemporary and pertinent. Rock on Brother Michael. May you play long and well. If you ever want to spend an evening riding with the Seattle Fire Department, helping the down trodden, "the junkies, the winos, the pimps and whores", shoot me an email. I’d be honored to show you the mean streets of Seattle. The line between sanity and insanity is very thin. You’ve walked that line and come out on the proper side.