Show Review: 602

So I grew up in OC, I’ve been a fan for many years, purchased many SD cd’s. But this was my very first opportunity to see a show…friday night at the Palladium!!! A dream of mine came true! A smile stuck to my face as my bro, a friend and I made our trip from OC to Sunset. When I got in the Palladium, I was about two people from the from centerstage…totally stoked! Watched two pretty good bands prior and danced…it was fun! Except for the mean looking hard core assholes that didn’t smile or budge! As SD came on I had to get the hell out of Dodge and move up to the balcony because these assholes pushed me around, a petite chick! I was pissed, but couldn’t push back! Otherwise the band met every expectation of mine and BEYOND!!! It was a sick show! And Mike…hot as ever!!! I would do it again in a heart beat…but Mike can you please tell the fellas to take it easy on the ladies! Amber